Your business value, delivered by passionate pragmatic professionals!

You drive. We navigate!

Slingshot is an end-to-end service provider that helps you transform your business strategy into adaptive executable processes that are automated when possible.

First, we help you translating your business strategy into an executable IT master plan, but no easy goodbyes with us! We stay to implement the plan as well. We create, build, govern and maintain the software to support your business. Slingshot is your single stop shop for turning your business future-proof.

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More than 200 passionate pragmatic professionals at your service

Co-Think, Co-Create & Co-Govern

Slingshot focuses on delivering added value to our customers and staying up to date regarding upcoming evolutions. We are product and technology independent and offer the best of breed end-to-end solutions for customers keeping the specific situation of each customer in mind.

We co-think, co-act and co-operate with our customers and help them tackling social, economic and technological evolutions. Our Slingshot members each have their own specialization. They work together on end-to-end solutions as well as they deliver separate specialized services depending the mission at hand. The right man for the job, as we say.

We are...

  • Down-to-earth


    We have a no-nonsense attitude aimed at results. As our name 'Slingshot' refers to: you don't need a very sophisticated laser pistol if you can reach the same result and accuracy with a slingshot... We have the guts to challenge the status quo and improve things. And hey, slingshots are fun right?

  • Pragmatic


    We combine our theoretical background, models and proven technology insights with our pragmatic and practical mindset in order to achieve results. Agility and adaptability are our key to success.

  • Result oriented

    Result oriented

    We go to the core of your challenge and tackle this one. First things first. No words, but acts. Delivering minimum viable products, that's what we want!

  • Passionate


    Our consultants are determined professionals who want to add value. They will not stop before the challenge is resolved. Our sleep is yours!

Our selling proposition

  • Customer centric, technology neutral, vendor & supplier neutral
  • Result driven before effort driven: proven methodology assures result
  • Transparency in means, effort, risks, costs and return
  • Fast, direct and full access to almost all available market technologies, suppliers and business domain experience. You name it, we got it.
  • Business value oriented IT. Technology services Information.
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